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CS1 Multi-Tone Alarm Sounder With LED Flashing Light İndicator

CS1 Multi-tone alarm sounder with LED flashing light indicator


  • > Cost-effective multi-tone alarm sounder with LED flashing beacon
  • > 32 tones can be selected via DIP switch
  • > Sound pressure can be preselected in 3 steps via DIP switch
  • > For universal applications at 24 V DC
  • > Second tone can be switched externally
  • > Degree of protection IP 65 can be achieved if installed correctly


Technical data

Housing Ø 63 mm, red or white
Lens ribbed inside amber or red
Type of mounting horizontal, vertical or any
Beacon type LED flashing beacon
Strobe/flash frequency 1 Hz
Tone 32 Tones, 2 Tones can be switched externally, various (see tone table)
Volume 88-109 dB (can be adjusted with potentiometer)
Tone frequency 440-2.900 Hz
Duty cycle 100 %
Service life Light source: >50.000 h
Operating temperature -20 °C / +70 °C
Degree of protection IP65
Weight 258 g