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Digitax HD M750 Ethernet


Network servo drive for centralized and decentralized motion applications


Digitax HD M750 Ethernet is a network servo drive for centralized and decentralized motion applications, featuring multi-protocol Ethernet ports enabling support of:


  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP/IP and
  • real-time Ethernet with RTMoE (Real-Time Motion over Ethernet).


The Digitax HD M750 Ethernet servo drive also hosts the on-board Advanced Motion Controller for distributed 1.5 axis motion control.


Open, efficient, synchronized Ethernet


Maximize machine productivity through high performance deterministic Ethernet. Access future developments in IT-based industries where billions of nodes are installed, future proofing your investments. Ethernet webpages hosted onboard the M750 Ethernet drive




Digitax HD’s standard Ethernet also supports RTMoE (Real-Time Motion over Ethernet) which provides synchronized communication between drives using the Precision Time Protocol as defined by IEEE1588 V2. Distributed clocks are used to automatically synchronize the position, speed and current loops across all drives.


Minimum size, maximum performance!


Due to our innovative design you only increase drive size when option modules are used, achieving significant space saving in the overall configuration.


See the "Options & Accessories" section below for details about the flexibility of Digitax HD M750 Ethernet.