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Modul-Perfect 70 Modular Signal Tower Ø 70mm

Modul-Perfect 70 modular Signal tower Ø 70mm


  • > Up to 6 times brighter than comparable signal towers
  • > 7 positions provide maximum flexibility
  • > Two visual appearances available with the new diffuser
  • > Even brighter top light module with hemispherical signalling effect
  • > New LED light modules with multi colour, rotating light, multi function and steady light functions
  • > Multi-tone alarm sounder module for the best possible tone quality and variety
  • > Innovative MP3/voice output module for playing back audio formats
  • > Patented, cost-effective M12 bases
  • > Vertical mounting with angle (XWR, WZC) or PC7MV base possible


Technical data

Housing Ø 70 mm, Polycarbonate black
Lens Polycarbonate, amber, red, clear, blue, green, yellow or magenta
Leakage current 0,003 A
Beacon type LED steady beacon, LED flashing beacon, LED strobe beacon or LED multi strobe beacon
Light source LEDs
Tone see tone table
Volume 100-105 dB (depending on module)
Duty cycle 100 %
Service life Light source: LED 100,000 hours
Number of possible modules max. 7
Operating temperature -30 °C / +70 °C
Degree of protection IP66, IP67 & UL Type 4/4x/13
Impact resistance IK08
Weight (modules) 48-166 g