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Series R - The LED Design Powerhouse - 1

Series R - the LED Design Powerhouse


The new LED beacon series R is the brightest LED beacon in its category and is especially designed for maximum signaling effect. It is available in two lens designs (high/compact). The compact lens is milky-white in colour and its attractive design makes it particularly suitable for indoor use. The high lens is available as a high performance version in addition to the standard performance version.  


The signal beacons of the series R are available as steady, multicolour and multifunction beacon. Each lens can be combined with an optional audible base. The audible base RBA is based on the transducer technology of the ASS-T multi-tone alarm sounder and can reproduce 32 tones at a sound pressure of up to 95 dB.  


The R series is available in the size Ø 110 mm. With a degree of protection of IP66 and impact resistance IK08, the R series is suitable for a wide range of applications.